Designer Survival Toolkit Vector illustration done in Adobe Illustrator. June 2015

Contractor Find Conceptualisation, design, development and deployment of home improvement directory, Contractor Find. July 2013

Major4Agents Holidays Print & Share PHP and Javascript plugin written for Major4Agents Holidays. July 2015

Major Travel Booking Engine Front-end redesign and development of the online flight booking engine for Major Travel. January 2015

Alpha Shipping Agency Wordpress site design and development. October 2013

Major Cruise One-page responsive website redesign for Major Cruise. March 2014

Website templates bundle Six mobile-ready website templates built for Yellow House Marketing. December 2013

Prize Winners 80 prize winners had themselves vectorized as part of Major Travel's 40th Anniversary. August 2014

The right end of the stick Vector illustration. May 2014

Stella Shipping Wordpress site design & development. March 2015

Major Travel Redesign and development of UK travel agency website, Major Travel. July 2014

Wedding Find Website concept visualization. June 2013

Major Travel Holidays PHP, Javascript and web design integration with Latecards API. August 2014

Cape Town Contractors Infographic Infographics for advertising sales with Cape Town Contractors. December 2012

Sam's Mega Company branding, website design & development. October 2013

Big Five Vector illustration and kids t-shirt mockups. April 2015